Saturday, May 17, 2008

i'm still alive and here
are three new colored
pages, enjoy.

p.s. yeah i see the
typos, i'll fix them.
but it's like 4 in the
morning now, so
later for that!



neo-rama said...

ahaha, i was thinking "that jacket looks better on him" then i realized it's HIS jacket. also, reading god-dad is difficult. i thought she was saying "GOD, DAD!" like that was her father.

Brian said...

yeah, Stefan's a gentlemen like that. and the "god-dad" thing looks wierd no matter what. as 1 word, "goddad", i think it has to many d's it looks like a sound effect. but like i siad the dialog is subject to change so we'll see.

Joseph said...

You people and your digital coloring. Think you're soooo special *waves brushes in crazed manner* Brushes rule!!!


Crazy old man with brush