Friday, March 28, 2008

ok, to the left the cover of my soon to be printed book to the right the first page. as far as when it'll be done, all i can say is some time in june. due mostly to the fact that i've made the bonehead decision to do the book in full color ( i know, im a madman!!!!!), so its going to take longer than expected. some of you guys had some really good questions last time i posted pages so i'm going to try an answer them.

1) whats the book called?
A) Sanctuary School: Year One

2) is it the number 2 to the book i released last year?
A) no, it has all of the same characters in it as "Tales of Yellow and White" but the focus is on all the kids at Sanctuary not just Nina. in other words Sanctuary School is the main story Yellow & white is a "side quest" of sorts.

3) where can you buy it?
A) right now, nowhere. i was going to sell it at this years Small Press Expo, but with no fan base i feel like i'd be wasting my time. so for the time being i'll sell it through the books web sight debuting soon.

that should do it i'll keep in touch, progress reports and such. laters!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

in between drawing pages i've been playing with my druid Isis and her spider mount fang in puzzle quest. its a pretty good game if you're a nerd like me, and it takes care my gaming urges in about a half hour or so.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

i put these pages up on a forum and i figure i'd show them off here to. they're the first few pages of the book i'm printing this month. enjoy.