Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tales of Yellow and White - Page 14 The FINALE!!!

TA-DAH!!! the last page!! finally right, it took a long time to get this done. however, at the end of the day i'm glad i did it. it was a great learning experience. so that being the case, i think i'll share with you a few of the things i learned.

1. continuing in the face of adversity is very hard and not as rewarding as people will lead you to believe. it's kind of just a live to fight another day thing.

2. don't
do things casually. give 150% if i want to get decent results.

3. I AM NOT A FURRY!!! thats not something i learned i just like to say it from time to time. people seem to mistake me for one often. (not that i have anything against furries if you are one.)

4. i can't draw a straight line to save my life.

5. no one takes s**t like a man who draws boobs!

6. and most importantly, KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE.

well, all that concludes Tales of Yellow and White for now. i'll do another one (a better one) when i'm done with my
comics soon to be printed in March. in the mean time i'll update with pictures and little shorts and things and i'll throw in teasers of my printed book here and there. anyway to all thoughs who read Yellow and White thanks for you time and patients, and to all that didn't shame on you i worked real hard.

-laters BJW

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