Sunday, October 7, 2007

Tales of Yellow & White - Pages 2 and 3



leo said...

Panel Four:

I really like the subtle way Blackfire's power activates. Nice effect.

Panel Five:

Good dramatic finisher.

leo said...

(Page 2)
Panel One:

Simplicity is a good thing. Well done.

Panel Two:

" I gonna kick yo ASS!! " Nice angry !

Panel Three:

Good placing for battle stanc. ( I really like the reverse zipper on Nina's jacket )And question: Do Deon's hands always vibrate when his power is active? ( nice effect, by the way )

Panel Four:

"Gonna boss rush yo ASS!!"

leo said...

Panel Five:

Cockiness felt and delivered.


A very decent flow throughout the page setup. I would just concentrate on spacial relations a bit more. Otherwise than that, Rockin'!!

Brian said...

the vibrations and the "lightning" happen when ever he charges, yes. and thanx for all the kind words, its lonely out here some times.